Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Oaks and snow. Снег и дубы

  Once again I visited Träskända manor. It's a nice park in Espoo, where you can meet old oaks and... skiers. :)
  И снова я съездила погулять в усадьбу Трескенда. Это симпатичный парк в Эспоо, где можно увидеть старые дубы... и лыжников. :)

Frost decorated trees beautifully.
Деревья украсились инеем.

Like salt crystals.
Как кристаллы соли.

Some people were skiing there. It is known that Finns are born with skis on their legs. ;)
Видела там несколько лыжников. Как известно, финны рождаются с лыжами на ногах. ;)

This oak is about 300-500 years old. It's been through a lot.
Этому дубу 300-500 лет. Прошёл он через многое.


Oak's bark.
Frozen lichen.
Winter in Finland.


Кора дуба.
Замёрзший лишайник.
Зима в Финляндии.

Still strong.
Всё ещё крепок.

Another oak.
Другой дуб.

I wonder why this branch grew like that?
Интересно, почему ветвь так выросла?

To help frame photos? :)
Чтобы помочь сделать интересные снимки? :)

Träskända manor.
Усадьба Трескенда.

Bird feeder. There were also ducks in the river.
Кормушка. У реки были и уточки.

Snow likes to hang out too.
Снег повис на веточке.

An arbour near the bus station.
Беседка рядом с автобусной остановкой.



  1. I love those old trees. Beautiful pics!

  2. Flotte vinterbilder:)
    Nice winter pictures.

  3. Lovely captures of snow. I feel like feeling the snow. :)

  4. You got some great photos here. Living in a place where no snow downfall during winter time, makes me wonder how does it feel playing with the snow. I will be very delighted to take photos like you do.

    1. Thank you! I, on the other hand, can't imagine winter without snow :)

  5. Beautiful series!! Boom & Gary of the Vermilon River, Canada.

  6. Trees! Happiness!

    Stunning photos! I wasn't quite sure whether you'd taken colour or black&white until I got to the brown oak leaf.

    "To help frame photos?" Grin! Yes!

    PS: How cold was it?

    1. Thank you ^.^

      Usually evergreen pines and spruces give some colour to winter photos, but in that park there are fewer of them.

      It was about -8-10 I think, felt rather chilly. I guess, high humidity was responsible for that. The big oak felt warm though :)

  7. Очень красивая зима!


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