Tuesday, March 11, 2014

January, snow and horses. Январь, снег и лошади.

January trip to Villa Elfvik, Espoo's Nature House.
Январский поход на Виллу Эльфвик, Дом природы Эспоо.

Icelandic horses, aka fluffy barrels.
Исландские лошадки, ака пушистые бочки.

Inside the villa.
Внутреннее убранство.

Now in Russian too.
Теперь и на русском.

Best nature photos of 2013.
Лучшие фото природы 2013.

Snooooow. We didn't have enough snow this year.
Снееег. Не хватило нам снега этой зимой.

Sap icicles?
Сосульки из древесного сока?


  1. Replies
    1. “Fluffy barrels,” he repeats, grinning.

      If one nibbled at and swallowed what the monk here has dangling from his fingers it could join the monk, who is having a barrel of fun himself, by having as much fun as a barrel of monk keys.


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