Wednesday, September 03, 2014

Thank you, Putin, for all the cheese

Russia banned certain imports from EU and USA, and so Valio, Finnish dairy company, started selling products meant for Russia at discount price here. According to the Internet, the so-called Putin cheese, yogurt and butter can be found in some Prisma, K-market and K-citymarket shops in many Finnish towns. Have you seen any?

K-citymarket, Sello, Espoo.

There were many, many boxes.
Some shops have even lower prices.

The cheese is fresh, just unwanted in Russia.

My husband loves cheese, so... :-)

Now, if only Russia banned chocolate...


  1. Эх, как же я без любимых сыров?) Придётся ехать к вам в гости)

    1. Приезжайте :) Олешки по вам небось скучают ;)

  2. Those look yumm. :)
    Happy WW!


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