Monday, November 03, 2014

Цены в Финляндии: Prisma

Давненько я не писала о финских ценах. :) Т.к. 1 евро сейчас = 54 рубля, россияне стали реже ездить в Финляндию, да и тратят теперь намного меньше денег во время традиционных шоп-туров в Суоми. Однако, надеюсь, кому-нибудь всё ещё интересны цены на продукты здесь. Сегодня у нас Призма.

It's been awhile since my last price post here. :) Russians buy a lot of stuff in Finland, but fewer Russians travel to Finland nowadays (and now they tend to spend less on shop tours, because right now 1 € = 54 rubles). I hope there is still some interest in Finnish prices though. Today we're looking at food from Prisma.

салат / lettuce 1,99
брюссельская капуста / Brussels sprouts 2,69

смузи из манго и маракуйи / mango-passion fruit smoothie 3,78
хурма / persimmon 2,55 €/кг

копчёный тофу /smoked tofu 3,19
вегетарианские наггеты /vegetarian nuggets 4,15

Я также пишу о вкусностях (вегетарианское и веганское, много чего этнического и всякие чаи) тут.
I also write about food (all vegetarian, mostly vegan, lots of ethnic cuisine and various teas) here.


  1. There are some important qualifiers such as the origin, the "quality class", etc. (possibly including "turpeessa kasvatettu") that may very much affect the price that you've omitted. Whether they truly affect the product quality is arguable on case-by-case basis, but Finnish produce is more expensive than Spanish produce, for example, and the blog reader probably is not aware of the full quality/price range available. So, I suppose what I'm trying to say is that the prices may be misleading and give a skewed picture of the prices, if you don't include the relevant qualifiers. Something to keep in mind.

    1. Mostly Russian people just ask me "How much does bread/milk cost there?" and "In which shop they sell these?"


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