Sunday, February 15, 2015

Nightwish - Élan

Finally, a new single from Nightwish is out! And we have a brand-new music video as well, featuring abandoned places, famous Finnish actors and an owl called Urho (Braveheart)! ^^

This video was directed by Ville Lipiäinen, who also worked with Apocalyptica, HIM, Amorphis, 30 Seconds to Mars, Pain and many other bands.

Endless Forms Most Beautiful will be released on March 27th (EU), 30th (UK) and 31st (US).


01. Shudder Before The Beautiful
02. Weak Fantasy
03. Élan
04. Yours Is An Empty Hope
05. Our Decades In the Sun
06. My Walden
07. Endless Forms Most Beautiful
08. Edema Ruh
09. Alpenglow
10. The Eyes Of Sharbat Gula
11. The Greatest Show On Earth

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