Wednesday, July 08, 2015

Morning walk - 1

Today I'm going to share the photos I took during a very early morning walk in Kauniainen. 
Сегодня у нас фотографии с (крайне ранней) утренней прогулки в Кауниайнене. 

02:42 :-)

Finnish summer nights/mornings aren't very dark, 
as you can see.
Финским летом ночь и утро не особенно и темны.

The lamps were slowly turning off.
Фонари не спеша гасли.

We met maybe two people during the walk, also ducks, snails, a hare and a pheasant.
Видели только двух людей за всю прогулку, а также уток, улиток, зайца и фазана.

Also there were huge fishes in the lake.
А ещё в озере были огроменные рыбины.


This tree posed specially for Rurousha! :)

To be continued!
Продолжение следует!

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