Saturday, February 04, 2017

January Photos. Январские фото

Here are some of my January photos.
Вот некоторые из моих январских фотографий.

Фестиваль света в Хельсинки

Vegan space in K-Supermarket in Kamppi.
Веганский отдел в K-Supermarket в Камппи.


  1. Dear Ekaterina,
    I like the photos you shared with us this afternoon. I hope someday I can run a publisher and publish your delicate images.

    I would also like to thank you for the company you and your husband gave us today. Looking forward to seeing you soon again in Taipei or Europe.

    1. Hello! Sorry for the late reply, I don't usually get comments here so I check them rarely. =D

      I'm so glad we met, it was fun! I hope we'll meet again! ^u^

      P.S. I'm now in love with 鳳梨酥! =D I made a post about them:


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