Friday, July 12, 2013

Interesting tree in Helsinki. Интересное дерево в Хельсинки

  All trees are good, and some are gorgeous. This one is from Suomenlinna, Helsinki sea fortress.
  Все деревья хороши, а некоторые просто волшебны. Это дерево растёт в Суоменлинне, морской крепости Хельсинки.

June 2011. Июнь 2011

What the tree sees.
Что видит дерево.

   We had a picnic near this tree, and a few birds insisted on being fed with our pancakes. :D
  У нас был пикник рядом с деревом, и некоторые птахи требовали, чтобы мы покормили их нашими блинчиками. :D


  1. Looks you have a beautiful weather!

    Green Tomato

    It has been incredibly hot and humid here in Japan!
    The news warns of heatstroke these days.

    1. お体にお気をつけ下さい!

  2. Totally utterly unbelievably gorgeous.


    Red Rose is right: even this tough-talking South African has been feeling a bit limp lately. Every day in Tokyo is 35+, every night is 25+. I don't mind the days, but the nights can be difficult if you try to live without air con.

  3. Now that I'm Googleplussing and you're Twittering, I get confused. Where do I respond to your lekker posts? Too many choices! ^^


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