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♪ Izumi Tateno — знаменитый японский пианист Финляндии

Благодаря Томоко-сан с блога Green Tomato я узнала о японском пианисте с мировым именем, который вот уже много лет живёт в Финляндии. А так как я люблю и Японию, и пианино, то я не могла пройти мимо :).
Thanks to Tomoko-san from Green Tomato blog I learned about a famous Japanese pianist who's been living in Finland for years. And since I love Japan and piano music both, I couldn't pass by the opportunity :).

Идзуми Татено родился в Токио в 1936 году, а в 1964 переехал в Финляндию, где живёт по сей день с женой Марией Холопайнен, сопрано. Он отыграл уже более 3000 концертов по всему миру, и, даже несмотря на инсульт, парализовавший правую сторону его тела, Идзуми Татено продолжает выступать. Специально для него композиторы сочиняют музыку для левой руки. Идзуми Татено стал примером для вдохновения, это человек, чью страсть к музыке не остановит ничто.


Izumi Tateno was born in Tokyo in 1936, and moved in 1964 to Finland, where he still lives with his wife Maria Holopainen, soprano. He has played more than 3,000 concerts around the world and even after a stroke that left the right half of his body paralyzed, Izumi Tateno still plays live. Many composers write left hand piano music specially for him. Izumi Tateno is an inspirational example of a man whose passion to music cannot be stopped.


Selim Palmgren - Moonlight op 54-3. (Селим Палгрем — финский композитор, пианист и дирижёр.)

Александр Скрябин - Ноктюрн для левой руки

Selim Palmgren - Vesipisaroita, Op. 54, No. 1 Raindrops (Капли дождя)


  1. Нет границ умению человека и его таланту. Вдохновляет!

  2. Thanks for this post including Youtube music videos, Ekaterina-san. Izumi Tateno’s left hand performance is awesome and he is a source of great inspiration. I remember Tomoko-san once said she liked Finnish music.....I guess probably by learning through this pianist.

    Till then, the only Finnish composer I knew was Sibelius. I like to listen to Finlandia conducted by a Japanese female conductor Tomomi Nishimoto (she’s cool!) , the current guest conductor with the State Symphony Orchestra of Russia. I love Finland Anthem, Maamme, I especially feel moved when sung in a cappella......beautiful song.

    Now that I know more Finnish music, in general I feel “longing” and “hues of melancholy” in Finnish music.

    BTW, I seem to have posted a comment about the Japanese Garden to the different post. :) Have a nice weekend.


  3. Thank you so much Katerina. I am very pleased that you have posted of a pianist Tateno Izumi. It is a great present for him, which is posted by a Finnish lady.
    As I wrote on your post, I have been a big fan of him since he debuted in Japan. His spirit of his music is very pure, which has been influenced by the beautiful nature in your country Finland. I went to his concert many times, but I have not gone since he was suffered from his stroke. I have known that he has greatly come back as a left hand pianist. However, to be honest, it is still sad thing for me to go to his concert though I often listen to his piano at home and also his performances on his stage have been vividly remained in my eyes and heart. Your post really encouraged me to go to his concert again.
    Thank you, Katerina.

  4. Pelageya, да, очень вдохновляет!

  5. Yoko, I'm glad you liked!

    I'm still learning about all these great composers, conductors and musicians in classic field. My favourite conductor is Valery Gergiev, he gives such powerful performance! I usually listen to pretty heavy music, and he makes orchestra sound like a metal band - such drive, such power. Though I like gentle music as well :)

  6. Tomoko, I'm happy to know that I could encourage you to go his concert again! Thank you once again for telling me about Izumi Tateno, I love discovering new artists. World without new music feels stale for me.

    Finland is really beautiful and inspiring,but I must tell that I'm actually from Russia. I've lived here only for two years, but I can already tell that this is really a great place for artists - beautiful nature everywhere and silence leaving room for thoughts... I started this blog after moving here. I always wanted to write about something but didn't know what. Then I realized that I could share Finland with others through my texts and photos. I'm really glad that I can reach not only Russian-speaking audience.

    I think I should rewrite my profile info, so it's not confusing for foreigners :)

  7. Hi,Ekaterina.
    Sorry,my goof! You have alredy written about your profile info!

    I am sure that you are going to find many beautiful things in Finland. I look forward to your posts about Finland's beauties, culture and Russia's culture as well!

    Thanks again, Ekaterina.
    Have a fabulous day!

  8. Well, I don't have typical Slavic looks, so if we ever met on the street you wouldn't know I'm Russian either :)

    I'll tell you a secret - next post here will be about a Japanese shop in Helsinki. But next week I'll post something more Finnish ;)

  9. Ноктюрн для левой руки... Это его любимая и лучшая тема,да?:) А мне очень трудно сыграть на етой пьесой. Не мог.
    Кстати, Ekaterina-сан!Скажи, пожалуйста, где ты выучила свой английский язык? Какой язык трудно изучить, финский или японский?

  10. Я всегда хотела уметь играть на пианино, но совершенно не получается координировать обе руки :) Могу только правой какую-нибудь очень простую мелодию наиграть, и то - ошибаясь в ритме, эх :)

    Английский, как и все остальные, учу дома :) Купила хорошую книгу по грамматике, стала переводить тексты любимых песен, читать на английском, смотреть фильмы. Сейчас читаю много англоязычных блогов, улучшаю разговорный.

    Финский или японский... Для меня в финском сложнее грамматика. Японская грамматика намного проще и понятнее. Но в японском надо учить много кандзи. Если сравнивать говорение, то японский довольно-таки простой, а финский нет; а если нужно писать и читать, то поначалу японский сложнее. Зато как удобно, когда знаешь иероглиф - не надо читать много букв в слове, сразу понятно значение слова из кандзи. Мне кажется, на японском читается быстрее. Да и все эти кандзи такие kawaii, ne? ^_^

  11. А как вы выучили русский, Кикио-сан? :)

  12. Ekaterina-san, you're very good! Now I see that your English is the result of effort. By the way, is Finnish such so difficult? About Japanese language, yes we have to use 3 types of characters.It's tough for us. As you told,yes, some kanji are cute ^^ kawaii. I agree with you. Now I study Russian at home with daughter, not so hard but little by little.
    Last week we were in Nagasaki and were in its near cities. After a week, now I cannot remember my Russian. Terrible)))

  13. Not to forget Japanese I listen to Japanese songs if I'm too tired/busy for studying. It helps a little ^.^

    Do you like cartoons? There're many Russian and Soviet cartoons on Youtube, many are with English subtitles. I'll include them into my blog about Russian language. By the way, thank you for following it, you're my first reader ^_^ I hope to make that blog really useful to people learning Russian. Soon I'll start posting.

    Finnish is really different from Russian in many ways, but for me the hardest is spoken language - it's very very different from formal language of textbooks. It really sounds like another language. I understand my husband's parents, but not his friends :) But many people say Finnish isn't that hard, because there're clear rules, very few exceptions, it's pretty logical. Not like in Russian where plural for друг isn't други but друзья, which doesn't make sense ^^


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