Sunday, November 04, 2012

Gallträsk, Kauniainen

Autumn sunsets, hungry ducks and chilliness in this post :).
Сегодня у нас осенние закаты, голодные утки и морозец :)


   Gallträsk is a lake in the center of Kauniainen. Kauniainen itself lies in the middle of Espoo. Espoo is near Helsinki.
  Gallträsk это озеро в центре Кауниайнена. Сам Кауниайнен находится внутри Эспоо, а Эспоо — сосед Хельсинки.

I like the colours of this shot.
Мне нравится цвета тут.

Ducks are coming.
Утки наступают.

I didn't alter anything here, the sunset coloured water pink.
Снимки необработанные - закат окрасил воду в розовый.


  1. This hot babe from Africa gets cold just looking at the photos. ^^

    Here in Tokyo it's also gotten chilly, suddenly, but we're still waiting and waiting and waiting for the red leaves ...

    1. We've been having fogs lately o_O

      Today it was warm, +5.

    2. The other jungle woman feels the chill too. But she's loving it! :)

    3. p.s. do frogs croak in autumn?

    4. I don't think so. I mostly hear them around April-May, when they're mating, loudly :D Anyway, now they are all hibernating already. We had snow twice so far ^.^

      Unless, they snore in their sleep...

  2. How beautiful! It's a nice place. :)

  3. Sunsets are lovely to watch, especially where there is water too.


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