Sunday, December 02, 2012

35 photos of Porvoo

Photos from our trip to Porvoo in summer 2011.
Фотографии из нашей поездки в Порвоо летом 2011.

Porvoo is Finland's second oldest town.
Порвоо — второй старейший город Финляндии.

Streets for time travelling.
Улицы для путешествия во времени.

A market in front of the town hall.
Рынок напротив ратуши.

Old town hall.
Старая ратуша.

Cute hedgehog sign :)
Милый знак с ёжиком :)

We picked sweetest wild strawberries near that sign.
Рядом с ним мы собрали сладчайшую дикую землянику.

Old church.
Старый собор.

Porvoo is colourful.
Красочный Порвоо.

Porvoonjoki river.
Река Порвоонйоки.

Old store houses.
Старые склады.

Toy museum.
Музей игрушек.

More about Porvoo:
Ещё о Порвоо:


  1. Очень приятный, уютный городок. По такому хорошо побродить. Земляника сладкая мммм, даже лучше клубники!

    1. И не покидая города! Мы её нашли, пока шли к шоколадной фабрике. По мне, земляника намного вкуснее конфет, особенно когда только что собранная :)

  2. Nice photos. I visited and enjoyed Porvoo a lot.

  3. Mainio kuva-sarja idyllisestä ja historiallisesta Porvoosta.
    Kauniita kuvia...!
    Talviset Terveiset Kuusamosta...

  4. What exactly is hedgehog in Russian?
    I'm asking because the Google translation in English is hilarious.

    1. It's ёж, I wrote it in its pet form ёжик, which also means a short, spiky hairdo (not only the military one), it might even look like this :D Poor Google Translate, always so confused! :D

    2. "Pet form":
      "In tissue - at the point."
      "In Russian these suffixes are called reduce and vibrationally caresses and with respect to a ffiksy"


  5. Hello Ekaterina! I am Katrin from Porvoo, living and working hete about last 5 years. Really I am from Estonia, Tartu.
    It was nice to find and read about Your blog, I only started today and will read more ...Specially cute is to see pictures about my hometown Porvoo here! Yes, its a lovely tourist trap, and I am really happy to live here and enjoy it everu day! And must say, I do it again and again, in winter, in spring, in summer, in fall. I thinkPorvoos face is changing in seasons, and its always enjoyable. Thank You for interesting reading and introducting about Finland. And come to Porvoo, its a winter fairy tale here just now!Greetings from Katrin

    1. Hello! I'd travel to Porvoo more often if there were trains daily. Buses make me sick, the boat ride takes too long, and the train from Kerava is only once a week, which is inconvenient... Otherwise I would go to Porvoo again much sooner :)

      As for comments, they don't disappear, I receive them and approve, then they're published. Unfortunately there is a lot of spam in Blogger, so I have to do that. Plus, this way I'm sure I won't miss any comments :)


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