Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Рождество в финских магазинах. Christmas in the Finnish shops

  Рождество в Финляндии — красное время :). Цветы, украшения, скатерти, фигурки Санты и его помощников тонтту — всё пылает ярко-красными тонами. Ёлочные игрушки, мишура, свечи и многое другое завоевали полки и витрины. А после Рождества начнутся распродажи, когда всё это станет намного дешевле.
  Christmas in Finland is red. Flowers, decorations, table cloth, figures of Santa and his helpers tonttu – everything is glowing red. Christmas tree ornaments, tinsels, candles and many other things occupied shelves and displays. And there'll be sales after Christmas when you'd be able to buy all of that for much smaller price.

Приглашаю взглянуть на прилавки финских магазинов :).
Let's look at the Finnish shops :).

«Красивых снов»
“Beautiful dreams”

Магазины на фотографиях: Shops on photos:
Stockmann, Kirjatori, Prisma, Tiimari

  Рождественские товары также появились и в онлайн-магазине Suomikauppa. Это самый крупный магазин в сети, торгующий финскими товарами. Сайт работает и на русском, доставка по всему миру почтой.
  Christmas stuff appeared in Suomikauppa online shop, the biggest store for Finnish goods online. Site is available in Finnish, English, Russian, Japanese, French and Italian. They ship worldwide using postal services.


  1. Hi, Ekaterina, how have you been? I hear Santa Claus lives in Lapland, Finland. Right? Christmas in Finland looks more refined and modest than I had imagined. I like the Christmas plates and red cushions in your photos. The shop atmosphere with the lovely lineup of Christmas items are lovely. Wish you a very merry Christmas.


  2. Hi, Yoko! You're right, Santa lives in Lapland. His post office and main office are in Rovaniemi, and that's where you can meet him. I read that he gets lots of mail from Japan ^^

    The snow finally came back, I guess my magic spell worked. Today we bought all the Christmas food for us and some bird food for our wild friends. It's now lighter outside because of snow which is very good for me - lately it was harder to wake up. Sun rises around 9 only. I hope Christmas will be white as well :)

    Merry Christmas to you too! I hope the next year will be more lucky for Japan.

  3. Great collections.Merry Christmas!

  4. красиво, у нас все совсем другое в Праге

  5. Кстати, с наступившим тебя! :)


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