Saturday, November 10, 2012

Осенний сад. Autumn garden

   В сентябре мы с мужем сводили cocomino в ботанический сад в Хельсинки. Гость наш был из Японии, и все вместе мы смогли найти несколько японских растений в этом саду :).
  Last September my husband and I took cocomino from Japan for a walk in the Helsinki botanical garden. Together we were able to find a few Japanese plants there :).

На ощупь очень странное растение :)
I touched it — it felt really weird :)

Miscanthus sinensis.
В Японии эту траву называют сусуки.
It's called susuki in Japan.

Народу было мало.
There were few people.

Плюшевое растение :)
Plush plant :)

Столько яблок было, мммм.
So many apples, mmm.

Крошечные декоративные яблочки.
Tiny decorative apples.

  Эта ёлка — японская. Ещё был японский каштан, куча гортензий и цветущий лотос в теплицах.
  This spruce is from Japan. We also saw a Japanese chestnut, many hydrangeas and a blooming lotus in the greenhouse.

Тоже японец, но название не помню.
Also from Japan, I don't remember the name.


  1. You met up with Cocomino? And went on an excursion to find Japanese plants in Helsinki. How awesome is that? :)

    1. Pretty awesome ^^
      There is actually a lot of Japan here, if you know where to look. We have Tokyokan shop, hanami, Japanese garden, one more garden, more sakura here and even Japanese Christmas concert ^^

  2. That berry plant is weeeiiird! It looks like bugs, not berries!

    So what language did you and Cocomino speak - Japanese or English or both? Probably not Afrikaans. ;)

    1. It felt so juicy! But I didn't squish it :)

      We used English :) 日本語がちょっと難しいですね。

  3. I remembered this place. Thanks for taking me.
    It was beautiful. I'll share them on my blog some day.

    1. I'm glad you liked it ^.^ I guess you have a lot of photos to post still.

  4. Как интересно! Плюшевое растение у нас называют овечьим ушком, такое мягонькое оно на ощупь!

  5. Beautiful! The Botanic Garden in Helsinki is one of my favorite places to take pics. In the summer I visit it several times a week.

    1. Thanks, Gunilla! I guess there can be new blooms every week :)


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