Friday, September 07, 2012

Botanic garden 4. Africa

  One more post from the Kaisaniemi botanic garden. This is a special African edition for Rurousha who is from South Africa :). First we'll start with Savannihuone – the Savannah room.
  Ещё один пост из ботанического сада Кайсаниеми. Сегодня у нас особый, африканский выпуск, для уроженки ЮАР Rurousha :). Начнём с Savannihuone — Саванной комнаты.

Щучий хвост.

A Finnish wasp – African plants.
Финская оса и африканские растения.

  Gotcha! First South African plant found :). Carissa macrocarpa aka natal plum aka the large num-num aka amatungulu.
 Попалось! Первое найденное мной южноафриканское растение :). Многоимённая carissa macrocarpa: карисса крупноцветковая, она же ягодичная слива, большой нум-нум и аматунгулу.

  But there was more. A whole room of South African plants! I didn't know which ones would be most nostalgic for Rurousha, so I allowed myself to take and post quite a few pictures :).
  Но это не всё. В теплицах оказалась целая Южноафриканская комната! Я не знала, какие растения вызовут наибольшую ностальгию у Rurousha, так что выкладываю много фоток :).

  Before visiting this botanic garden I had no idea oxalis grew in Africa too. I know the one from European forests is different, but still interesting :).
  До похода в этот ботанический сад я и понятия не имела, что кислица растёт и в Африке. Наша лесная, конечно, другая, но всё-таки любопытно выходит :).

I forgot to check the name of this cool blooming tree.
Забыла глянуть название этого красиво цветущего дерева.

I though there was a caterpillar on the other side of the leaf, but it was just another, withered leaf.
Сначала я подумала, что через лист просвечивала гусеница, но то был лишь увядший листок.


  1. Cape Floral Kingdom. That's my home. I mean my home-home. 故郷。

    Thank you for my special post, but ... now I'm very, very homesick for Sydafrika and giraffes and fynbos. :(

    Ah well. I'll go home on holiday in February next year. Not too long to wait.

    Baie dankie, Ekaterina!


    1. Will you bring lots of photos for your loyal blog readers? :)

      For some reason I feel most homesick when I see photos of rural Russia, not Moscow. It feels more 'mine' somehow.

    2. I've already decided to take my DSLR with me, although it's bulky and a nuisance on a 26-hour flight!

      I think of the Western Cape (the wine region) as my home-home, although just about any photo of Africa can make me go awwww ....

      That tree with the red flower, by the way, is Erythrina lysistemon or the coral tree. It's known as "kanniedood" in Afrikaans, which means "can't die" or "can't kill it". ^^

    3. Why such name? Survives any heat? ;)

    4. Exactly! ^^ We're tough, us Africans.

      Ever heard of a Welwitschia? It's a desert plant (desert!) that can be as old as 2000 years, maybe more. That one is called "tweeblaarkanniedood", i.e. "two leaves that can't die". :)

    5. Raw barbarian power :) I think I saw this plant in a book about deserts (it's still in Moscow, waiting for me) - there were many great photos of arid areas there. Made me love deserts a bit more :)


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